Telephone 352.955.2200; Fax 352.955.2209
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Scott R. Koons, AICP ext. 101 Executive Director
Andre M. Davis ext. 107 Finance Director
Dwayne L. Mundy ext. 108 Public Safety and Regulatory Compliance Program Director
Kevin D. Parrish ext. 133 Information Technology and Property Management Director
Steven Dopp ext. 109 Senior Planner, Regional Planning
Michael Escalante, AICP ext. 114 Senior Planner, Transportation Planning
Carmelita Franco ext. 125 Planning Administrative Assistant, Local Government Comprehensive Planning
Lynn Franson-Godfrey, AICP ext. 110 Senior Planner, Transportation Disadvantaged
Sandra Joseph ext. 111 Senior Planner, Local Government Comprehensive Planning
Jean Strong ext. 134 Executive Assistant to the Executive Director
Tara Tucker ext. 100 Secretary II
Lauren Yeatter, AICP ext. 113 Senior Planner, Geographic Information Systems and Community Development


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